Arvid Kahl on side projects, hobbies and making money as a founder

Arvid Kahl runs The Bootstrapped Founder, a podcast, newsletter and educational resource to help founders grow successful bootstrapped businesses. He’s also written two books, Zero to Sold and The Embedded Entreprenuer. Arvid is a returning guest, having previously been on the show almost 3 years ago, to talk about his exit from FeedbackPanda, which he grew to $55k MRR with his partner, Danielle.

In this episode we talk about life as a creator and solopreneur, how Arvid is scratching his SaaS itch and how people can leave their jobs to work on their side projects.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:45 Turning hobbies into business
  • 02:51 Structuring how you spend your time
  • 05:14 Revenue for The Bootstrapped Founder
  • 07:13 Why do consulting when you have runway
  • 08:30 Scratching the coding itch
  • 12:07 How to make a side project a main project
  • 15:52 Recommendations

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James McKinven
James McKinven
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Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
The Bootstrapped Fonder
Arvid Kahl on side projects, hobbies and making money as a founder
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