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When I started Indie Bites, I had one goal in mind:

To inspire indie hackers to start and grow their businesses through an insight packed 15 minute podcast interview.

Three years later, hundreds of thousands of people have listened to these bite-sized episodes which include stories from some of the most successful founders in the business; such as Courtland Allen, Justin Jackson and Arvid Kahl.

People have loved the short interview format. Something they can consume while going on a walk, doing chores around the house, or even line up a few episodes in a row to get double or triple inspiration (I’ve even heard rumours of people listening to 4 episodes in a row…)

However, every now and then, I hear that people want to hear more from a specific founder. That 15 minutes isn’t enough and they are left wanting more.

Luckily, sometimes I record with guests for longer than 15 minutes so I have longer recordings available. So, I've launched the Indie Bites membership.

What you get:

  • Exclusive ad-free private members podcast feed called Indie Feast
  • Extended episodes from the best recordings
  • Support a fellow indie hacker
Examples of recent extended episodes:

  • 80 mins: Jordan O'Connor on running a $30k MRR SaaS and doing SEO consulting on the side
  • 37 mins: Bootstrapping a SaaS to millions in revenue - Ben Orenstein
  • 81 mins: Leaving a $500k job to build a portfolio of small bets - Daniel Vassallo

Note: not every recording has an extended version. Sometimes there is 3 in a month, other times it will only be 1.

Count me in. How do I get access?

You get all this bonus content for a $60 yearly contribution (Buy here). And you put a big smile on my face. That's priceless. Once you pay through the stripe payment link You've had a bite, now it's time to feast.
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