The slow and steady path to growth - Michael Christofides

Today I’m joined by Michael Christofides, who is the founder of PgMustard, a product which helps people speed up Postgres queries. Michael started out working for a Devtools company as a product manager and went on to run customer success at London based unicorn, GoCardless. Now, Michael might not be as well known and successful as other popular indie hackers, but he works on his own terms and has been committed to his project for years.

In this episode I want to unpack why Michael stays committed to his product despite slow growth, his unique approach to the indie lifestyle and where he wants to go in future.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:18 - Michael's early career
  • 03:09 - The PGMustard idea
  • 04:28 - Building for a market rather than scratching your own itch
  • 06:23 - Launching PGMustard
  • 08:15 - Going full time on PGMustard
  • 09:47 - Leaving well paid jobs at $0 MRR
  • 11:28 - Intentional slow growth
  • 15:43 - Recommendations
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James McKinven
James McKinven
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Michael Christofides
Michael Christofides
Runs pgMustard & hosts PostgresFM
The slow and steady path to growth - Michael Christofides
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