B2C vs B2B SaaS as an indie hacker - Val Sopi, Blogstatic

Today I’m joined by Val Sopi, the founder of Blogstatic, a lightweight blogging platform built to take on the likes of Ghost. Currently Val is sitting around $1k a month, but with a low-priced annual plans approach, he’s relying on new sign ups and plan upgrades instead of recurring subscriptions. So he’s at a crossroads of needing to pour fuel on the fire to grow his low-cost blogging platform, or attempt to build a B2B SaaS, which he believes is a much more sustainable option for an indie founder. Val has been hardened by business successes and failures, so I love his pragmatic approach to the decisions he’s making.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:39 Val's background - web design shop to failed SaaS
  • 04:10 Learning to code and starting Claritask
  • 04:53 Selling Claritask
  • 05:52 Launching Blogstatic
  • 06:42 Taking a loan to bet on himself
  • 07:40 The crossroads of stagnating growth
  • 08:39 Being a low cost alternative in a competitive market
  • 12:30 Why Val won't take VC
  • 14:06 Why Val is trying B2B instead of B2C
  • 15:45 Recommendations

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James McKinven
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B2C vs B2B SaaS as an indie hacker - Val Sopi, Blogstatic
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