Can you really scale a No Code SaaS? - Kieran Ball, NoCodeLife

Kieran Ball is the founder of NoCodeLife, a selection of case studies of those making successful businesses using NoCode. Kieran also has courses on how to become a NoCode SaaS founder, specifically using the Bubble platform. I wanted to get Kieran on the pod to discuss and challenge the NoCode movement and if you can actually create a scalable product using the tools available, or if NoCode serves a different purpose.

  • 00:00 108 - Kieran Ball
  • 02:07 Failing to learn how to code
  • 03:05 How Kieran discovered no code
  • 04:28 Are no code apps hacky?
  • 05:52 Who has been successful building no code tools?
  • 06:57 No code for MVPs or for actual startups
  • 09:28 Keiran's own blog, No Code Life
  • 10:19 Improving your marketing skillset
  • 12:49 Kieran's future with no code
  • 15:48 Recommendations
  • Book - The SaaS playbook
  • Podcast - The Bootstrapped Founder
  • Indie Hacker - Hazel Lim @byhazelim
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Creators and Guests

James McKinven
James McKinven
Host of the Indie Bites podcast & founder of PodPanda.
Can you really scale a No Code SaaS? - Kieran Ball, NoCodeLife
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