Bootstrapping the 100DaysOfNoCode learning platform - Max Haining

Max Haining is the founder of 100DaysofNoCode and 100DaysofAI, which are bootcamps designed to help non-techies gain tech skills. Max wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age and started 100DaysofNoCode as a challenge for himself to learn NoCode tools during covid, but as more people joined in, he realised he could bootstrap the challenge into a learning platform which he’s now working on full time.

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  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:28 - Max early life
  • 03:31 - University student inspired by Zuck
  • 04:59 - Discovering indie hacking
  • 06:13 - Starting 100DaysofNoCode
  • 09:45 - Turning 100DaysofNoCode from a challenge to a business
  • 13:39 - What marketing tactics has Max used
  • 15:09 - Recommendations
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James McKinven
James McKinven
Host of the Indie Bites podcast & founder of PodPanda.
Bootstrapping the 100DaysOfNoCode learning platform - Max Haining
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