Choosing freedom over money - Rob Hope, One Page Love + Yo!

Rob Hope is a South African designer, developer and founder of One Page Love; which you might have seen. Rob is an expert on Landing Pages so we talk a little about what makes one that stands out, but then we also talk about Rob's multiple products and how they all come together to sustain him, despite not chasing money.
Today I’m joined by Rob Hope, who is a South African designer, developer and the host of one of my favorite podcasts out there for entrepreneurs Yo!. He's also the founder of One Page Love, Email Love, and has recently released an ebook with a hundred landing page tips. It's safe to say Rob knows his stuff. When it comes to building landing pages, having started One Page Love back in 2008.

What we discussed in this episode:
  • Have we lost the joy of simplicity?
  • How to cut through the noise
  • What makes a good landing page
  • Rob's mammoth landing page Twitter thread
  • How to write a good Twitter thread
  • Have lots of projects at the same time
  • Do you have to make money off a side project
  • How do you achieve freedom
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Rob Hope
Rob Hope
Creator of One Page Love, Yo! and more
Choosing freedom over money - Rob Hope, One Page Love + Yo!
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