Turning $100 into $52,000 selling handmade candles DTC - Dianna Allen, TERRA

How do you turn $100 into $52,000 in revenue selling candles? Well, Dianna Allen, previously of Budget Meal Planner fame, did exactly this. She's been so successful selling these candles that in October 2020, she went full time on her DTC brand, TERRA. In this episode, we talk about the steps she took to get here.
Dianna Allen is the founder of TERRA, a DTC candle brand, where she designs and hand pours a variety of candles. In October 2020, Dianna left her life as a freelancer behind to put her efforts into TERRA full-time, which as we all know, is a huge leap to make.

What we covered:
  • Should more indie hackers work on physical products?
  • What happened with Budget Meal Planner?
  • Should more indie hackers kill projects more often?
  • Does turning a passion into a business take the enjoyment away?
  • What was the breakthrough moment with Terra
  • Making the leap going full-time with your business
  • Why Dianna went straight into
  • How do the economics of a physical product business work?
  • How Terra was started with just $100
  • Using Instagram for 99% of growth
  • The hardest part of running a physical product business
  • How to balance one-term purchases vs MRR
  • Why we should support more small businesses?
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Turning $100 into $52,000 selling handmade candles DTC - Dianna Allen, TERRA
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