Bootstrapping two $3k MRR projects, selling one for $55k - Andy Cloke, Data Fetcher

Andy Cloke is the founder of Influence Grid and Data Fetcher, 2 indie SaaS businesses that both grew to over $3k MRR, the former selling for $55k in an acquisition. I speak to Andy about how he finds new ideas, how to find users and scale MRR, then the process of selling your small business for the first time.
Andy Cloke is the founder of Data Fetcher, a platform for running API requests in Airtable, which is currently doing around $3k MRR. Andy has started many projects in the past, his most recent one, Influence Grid, was sold for $55k back in mid-2020, having only started it 7 months before. In this episode we talk about his framework for finding trending ideas, building a product and being successful with marketing as a developer. We also talk about the process of selling your product and how to make that go smoothly.

What we covered
  • Andy's background
  • Kabooshi
  • Why Andy started Influence Grid
  • How to leverage Exploding Topics to find trending ideas
  • Getting validation for your idea
  • Using cold outreach to grow a platform
    • Rocket Reach
  • Doing SEO from the start
  • How he grew Influence Grid to $3k MRR
  • Why decide to sell Influence Grid?
  • Should you go through a platform for an acquisition?
  • How to best prepare for a small acquisition
  • What Andy bought himself after selling for $55k
  • What he did after the acquisition
  • The process of finding a new idea
  • Why Andy started Data Fetcher
  • How Data Fetcher has grown to $3k MRR
  • Andy's framework for finding a successful idea
  • How to push through when things aren't going so well
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Bootstrapping two $3k MRR projects, selling one for $55k - Andy Cloke, Data Fetcher
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