From $500k to $1m in 6 months with a podcast agency - Harry Morton, Lowerstreet

Today I'm joined by my friend Harry Morton, who runs Lower Street Media, a podcast production agency behind some of the highest-quality podcasts I listen to. Over the past 6 months, Harry has doubled his agency revenue from $500k to $1m, but this certainly wasn't an overnight success. In this episode we talk about how Harry quit his job with no savings to start Lower Street, why the productized model failed for his agency and a mini masterclass into making a high-quality podcast.
Harry Morton is the founder of Lower Street Media, a podcast production agency that specialises in premium podcasts for ambitious companies. Lower Street are the agency behind top shows such as Secret Leaders, Technology Untangled and WFH Daily. Harry's business has skyrocketed since COVID, doubling in size of revenue and headcount in the last 6-months as more companies start to realise how effective podcasting can be. Harry also runs Single Track Conf, a 3-day mountain-biking founder retreat.

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What we covered in this episode:
  • Why start an agency? it's not exactly a dream business to start.
  • How Harry grew Lowerstreet through cold outreach
  • Why the productising model didn't work out for Lowerstreet
  • What Harry did in the early days for growth
  • How losing 30% of revenue was a catalyst for growth
  • Doubling the agency revenue in 6 months
  • Quitting his job with no savings to start Lowersteet
  • Not knowing what to do when starting the company
  • Addressing shiny object syndrome
  • Why focus vs portfolio of projects argument is BS
  • The secret sauce for making a sh*t hot podcast
  • How to make a show that stands out
  • Starting a mountain bike community
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From $500k to $1m in 6 months with a podcast agency - Harry Morton, Lowerstreet
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