4 years of failed projects to full-time indie hacker - Kenneth Cassel, Pointer.gg

I speak with Kenneth Cassel, founder of Pointer.gg about his indie hacking journey.
Today I’m joined by Kenneth Cassel the founder of Pointer.gg a product he pivoted from Slip.so, a course platform making it easy for developers to make high-quality interactive courses. He got inspiration for Slip when he built vim.so, a course made $10k in just one month with - his first internet money. It's not all been plain sailing for Kenneth, as he struggled with failing his way to eventual success, with 4 years building products with no revenue. Now with Slip, he's quit his job, been accepted to YC and gets to build a company he’s always wanted to have.

What we covered in this episode:
  • How buying a Raspberry Pi changed Kenneth's life
  • Going from maintenance man for a gas station to software engineer
  • The inspiration Kenneth took from his Dad
  • How he learned programming
  • Making $100 in 4 years of side projects
  • How to stay motivated when things aren't going so well
  • Going from 0-20k Twitter followers
  • How building in public impacted Kenneth
  • Earning $10k in one month with Vim.so
  • Why he started Slip.so
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
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4 years of failed projects to full-time indie hacker - Kenneth Cassel, Pointer.gg
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