Growing to $4m+ despite Apple cloning their product - Matt Ronge, Astropad

A conversation with Matt Ronge, co-founder and CEO of Astropad.
Matt Ronge is the co-founder and CEO at Astropad, a product that turns your iPad into a second screen both on Windows and Mac, started back in 2015. Back in 2019, their business was almost destroyed when Apple launched a feature that almost made Astropad defunct. What did this lead Matt and his team to do? Pivot and find a new idea? Lay off the team? Absolutely not. They doubled down on their product. Through challenges with big tech, raising kickstarter funding and building physical products, Matt has been on quite the journey with Astropad and we’re going to dive into all of that today, along with a mini-masterclass on PR.

What we covered in this episode:
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Growing to $4m+ despite Apple cloning their product - Matt Ronge, Astropad
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