Growing to $8.5k MRR in 1 year - Marie Martens,

A conversation with Marie Martens, co-founder of, a bootstrapped form builder which grew to 16k users in 1 year.
Marie Martens the co-founder of Tally, an easy way to create forms online. She left her stable marketing job to start Tally with her partner in crime Filip and became an indie hacker. Since then they've grown Tally to over 16,000 users almost $10k MRR as they work towards becoming default alive. Through a mix of manual prospecting, a successful product hunt launch and product-led growth, they’ve turned Tally into an exceptional indie success story.

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What we covered in this episode:
  • The origin story of Tally
  • A failed startup, Hotspot
  • How COVID crushed their first startup
  • How Tally got their first few users
  • Doing things that don’t scale
  • How I became Tally’s first paying customer
  • Biggest source of sign ups for tally
  • The benefits of product-led growth
  • How to do an effective PH launch
  • Going from 3,000 - 12,000 users without paid ads
  • Why Marie quit her job to bootstrap
  • Would she ever go back to a job
  • What it’s like building your dream startup
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Growing to $8.5k MRR in 1 year - Marie Martens,
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