Building a $15m GMV side-project at 15 years old - Che Sampat, SuperPay

I speak with Che Sampat, the 18 year old founder of SuperPay, a no-code Stripe checkout app.
Che Sampat is an 18 year old Indie Hacker who built SuperPay in 2019 when he was 15 years old, an app that lets you generate easy payment links through Stripe and Square. Since then he's grown it to 5k users, $6k in revenue and processed a whopping $15m in payments. Che has also been working at some cool companies since he was young, recently joining the payments startup Fast to focus on his career, therefore stepping back from SuperPay.

What we covered in this episode
  • How Che got into coding
  • Building his first app in year 9 computer science
  • How Che learnt to code with YouTube
  • The story of building SuperPay
  • Starting his first company at 15
  • Balancing indie hacking and school
  • Success without idea validation
  • Launching on Product Hunt with no plan
  • How did Che get his first users
  • Growing to $15m GMV
  • Did Che buy himself anything nice?
  • Getting in trouble with Stripe building SuperPortal
  • Challenges of being an 18yr old indie hacker
  • Why Che got himself an engineering job instead of pursuing SuperPay
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Building a $15m GMV side-project at 15 years old - Che Sampat, SuperPay
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