A solo $130k MRR productized design service - Brett Williams, Designjoy

I chat with Brett Williams, founder of Designjoy, a rather meaty solo business with over $1m yearly revenue.
Brett Williams is the founder of Designjoy, a one-man productised design service that is doing over $130k MRR, charging clients up to $5k a month for unlimited design. You indeed hear that right, Brett is running a million dollar business solo with over 40 clients.

What we covered in this episode:
  • $50k per year with a Tumblr blog
  • Dropping out of college and getting a regular job
  • How Brett started Designjoy
  • Being inspired by Design Pickle
  • Launching Designjoy
  • Taking 3 years to get to $10k MRR
  • Non-traditional marketing and growth methods
  • Launching Scribbles, a side project
  • What does into a good landing page?
  • Different routes to success
  • Waiting till $80k to quit his job
  • Should entrepreneurs be more risk-adverse?
  • How run a successful 1-man productised service?
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A solo $130k MRR productized design service - Brett Williams, Designjoy
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