Bootstrapping a portfolio of SaaS products to $3k MRR - Jim Raptis, BrandBird

I speak to Jim Raptis, a full time indie hacker, about why he quit working at his funded startup to pursue indie hacking, how he learnt how to design as an engineer, and he’s launched two revenue generating SaaS products.
Jim Raptis, an indie hacker from Greece who is working full-time on his portfolio of projects, including BrandBird and Magic Pattern, which are both doing $1,500 MRR. If you’ve seen those cool screenshots on Twitter with the nice drop shadow and gradient background, those are made with Brand Bird.

What we covered in this episode
  • Quitting running a funded startup for indie hacking
  • Earning that first dollar
  • Learning design as an engineer
  • Launching a product with less than 300 followers
  • Choosing to do a portfolio of small bets
  • Splitting time between multiple projects
  • How Jim went grew from 300 to 9k Twitter followers
  • What do to do when things aren’t going so well
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Bootstrapping a portfolio of SaaS products to $3k MRR - Jim Raptis, BrandBird
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