Multiple successful exits to making lemonade - JR Farr, Lemon Squeezy

I speak with JR Farr, co-founder of Make Lemonade about his recipe for bootstrapped success (and how we can make MRR with our own lemonade stand).
JR Farr is the co-founder of Make Lemonade, a product studio behind Lemon Squeezy (a platform to sell digital products), Dunked (to showcase your portfolio) and Iconic (a set of cracking looking apps). But this isn’t JR’s first foray into entrepreneurship. Back in 2008 he sold his first startup, College Connecting, before starting and selling another, MOJO marketplace back in 2012. From here he worked at the acquiring company for 5 years, before starting ANOTHER startup, called Weav, a product to help with customer retention. I could list out JR’s CV in more detail, but you can tell that this chap a seasoned entrepreneur.

What we covered in this episode:
  • JR's entrepreneurship background
  • Building Mojo (Wordpress marketplace)
  • Mojo getting acquired in 2012
  • Why JR stayed for 5 years in a big company
  • Getting a mini MBA
  • Spending $75k on a domain for a failed company
  • Meeting the Make Lemonade folks
  • Should more founders band together?
  • Building Lemon Squeezy
  • Taking on the digital products space
  • Going into a crowded market
  • Advice for entreprenuers
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Creators and Guests

JR Farr
JR Farr
Co-Founder Lemon Squeez & Make Lemonade. Prev. exited Mojo.
Multiple successful exits to making lemonade - JR Farr, Lemon Squeezy
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