r/SaaS moderator making $6k MRR with his own SaaS - CH Daniel, Simple.ink

Bootstrapped mogul CH Daniel shares his experience starting, building and acquiring multiple small businesses. He loves talking too, so does so on his pod; The Usual SaaSpects. What a guy.
Ch Daniel is the co-founder of Legit Check, an app that authenticates luxury items, that grew to $6k MRR in just a few weeks. He’s also building simple.ink, which is a simple way to make a website from Notion, it got #1 product of the day and got 1,300 users in the first month. He’s also got his finger in many SaaS pies, running the r/SaaS subreddit where he arranges AMAs and facilitates discussions with some of the biggest SaaS founders out there. As for podcasting, Daniel’s dipped in there too, with his show The Usual SaaSpects an extension of his brand. Most recently, Dan acquired Emojics.com

What we covered in this episode:
  • Making $200k with an authenticator business
  • How does one fall into authenticating luxury items?
  • How Legit Check became legit
  • Turning a one-time purchase business to a subscription
  • Taking over the r/SaaS community on Reddit
  • Favourite AMA with Sabba and Tim from VEED
  • The real reason he started his podcast, The Usual SaaSpects
  • Does the world need another Notion web builder?
  • Pre-launching to build a list of 5,000
  • Acuiring Emojics.com
  • Should more indie hackers acquire businesses?
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r/SaaS moderator making $6k MRR with his own SaaS - CH Daniel, Simple.ink
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