How VEED grew to $1.7m ARR in less than 2 years - Sabba Keynejad,

I first met Sabba at a pub in London when Veed was just an early beta product making $0. Fast forward a few years, Veed is now making over $100,000 a month and growing rapidly. It's well-executed product in a growing market, but that hasn't stopped Sabba and the team firing on all cylinders to grow the business. I talk with Sabba for 15 minutes about how they came up with the idea, how they've managed to grow so quickly and advice for indie hackers that are looking to go full-time on their business.
Sabba Keynejad is the co-founder and CEO of VEED - an online video editing platform. VEED is a fully-fledged collaborative video editing product used by many influencers, coaches and businesses for adding subtitles, captions, text, merging videos, making meme videos, turning podcasts to videos and much more.

What we covered in this episode:

On Veed
  • What is Veed?
  • Where did you come up with the idea?
  • What is your current revenue?
  • Had you started and failed with anything before?
  • What made Veed work out?
  • Many indie hackers are solo. You have a co-founder split 50/50 on the business, do you think it's worth indie hackers going out to find a co-founder?
  • There are many online video editing tools out there. Wavve, Headliner, Kapwing. What makes Veed different and how has that fed into your growth?
On growth and marketing
  • Veed has grown super quickly, but how did you get your first 100 users?
  • Then how did you convert them to paying customers?
  • Your marketing strategy. What did you do at the start for your growth?
  • When you started generating revenue, you hired content creators. Why?
  • What are your tips for marketing without budget?
  • Biggest mistakes / advice you'd give to founders
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How VEED grew to $1.7m ARR in less than 2 years - Sabba Keynejad,
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