Why you need a single focus (and ditch your portfolio of projects) - Chris Frantz, Loops

Chris Frantz is your agony aunt for your multiple projects. You've probably got multiple projects and it's just not working out. Chris is here to cut through your excuses and explain why you need to focus on a single thing to turn it into an actual business (and not just a hobby).
Chris Frantz is the co-founder of Loops, YC backed email tool for startups. Chris is one of those people who just knows how to run a SaaS business, having founded and sold Snazzy AI, acquired by Unbounce last year. Chris has been living rent free in my brain after a conversation we had a few weeks ago about my multiple projects. A lot of you are going to have multiple projects too, and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere with them. In this episode, Chris is going to explain why.

What we cover in this episode
  • Some of Chris previous bootstrapped projects
  • How Chris started and sold Snazzy.ai
  • Tackling email with Loops.so
  • Making the chef’s knife of email
  • Why you should have a single focus
  • Why having a portfolio of small bets doesn’t work
  • Doing the hard things
  • Having hobby projects vs a business
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Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz
Building Loops (YC W22) - it’s Notion for your email!
Why you need a single focus (and ditch your portfolio of projects) - Chris Frantz, Loops
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