Focusing on one product in a strong market (for 15 years) - Geoff Roberts, Outseta

Geoff Roberts his co-founders at Outseta do things differently. They run a flat organisation, have ignored SEO, and have committed to 10-15 years to make the company work. They're in a super competitive and established market (CRM) but that's what they're betting on.
Geoff Roberts is the co-founder of Outseta, a bootstrapped all-in-one platform to help manage and grow your recurring revenue business. Before Outseta, Geoff was Head of Marketing for Buildium, a product that went through the phases of bootstrapping, raising and exiting, that was started by current co-founder Dimitris.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Taking a big 15 year bet on your business
  • Going into an established, durable market
  • Why not raise for the company?
  • Single focus vs portfolio of small bets
  • Why Outseta focused on brand building and not SEO
  • Marketing trade-offs
  • Why freemium doesn’t work for everyone
  • Building a flat, self-managed organisation
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Geoff Roberts
Geoff Roberts
Co-founder of Outseta. I help founders launch SaaS products, membership sites, and online communities. Rooting for all of us.
Focusing on one product in a strong market (for 15 years) - Geoff Roberts, Outseta
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