Solo founder grows reverse job board to $100k a year - Joe Masilotti, RailsDevs

Joe Masilotti is an all round top bloke. He's now just a top bloke who's making that juicy bootstrapped cash helping Rails developers get jobs. All while sneakily avoiding being labelled a recruiter. Smart man.
Joe Masilotti is the founder of RailsDevs a reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers, which is over $4k MRR and on for $100k revenue. Joe also runs the monthly Hotwire Dev newsletter, which has over 2,000 subs. And then late last year, Joe sold his side-project Mugshot Bot, which he took from idea to sale in just 14 months.

What we covered on this episode:
  • How and why Joe sold Mugshot Bot at $200 MRR
  • When to stop working on projects
  • How RailsDevs started with a spreadsheet
  • Solving a problem with a simple solution
  • Why a reverse jobs board works
  • A unique approach to a marketplace business
  • Growing RailsDevs (from both sides)
  • Being an embedded entrepreneur
  • Why RailsDevs has a hiring fee and subscription
  • Dealing with high churn
  • Growing a newsletter to 2,300 subs
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James McKinven
James McKinven
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Joe Masilotti πŸ“—
Joe Masilotti πŸ“—
The Turbo Native guy – I tweet about:πŸ’Ž Ruby on RailsπŸ“± Swift + iOSπŸ”¨
Solo founder grows reverse job board to $100k a year - Joe Masilotti, RailsDevs
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