Near death VC experience to $25k p/m bootstrapped - Kyle Gawley, Gravity

Kyle Gawley is living his life in Thailand and making $25k p/m through his product Gravity, although it did take a near-death traumatic experience with a VC-company for him to forge a new path for his life.
Kyle Gawley is the founder of Gravity, which he’s bootstrapped to over $25k p/m. In 2012, he scaled a vc-backed company, called Get Invited, to $5m in sales, before a near-death experience made him rethink how he lived his life. Now, Kyle is travelling the world building his bootstrapped SaaS. Let’s find out how he did it.

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What we covered in this episode
  • Starting out on the VC path
  • What Kyle loved about working in VC
  • Having a near death experience
  • How he changed his life after
  • Deciding to become a digital nomad
  • Starting Gravity to solve his own problem
  • What Gravity is for non-technical folks
  • Pricing, should you go cheap or upstream?
  • Using Twitter and SEO for customer acquisition
  • Kyle’s thoughts on single focus vs small bets
  • Kyle’s new AI project
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James McKinven
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Near death VC experience to $25k p/m bootstrapped - Kyle Gawley, Gravity
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