Making $12k p/m with Wordpress plugins - Patrick Posner

Patrick Posner is the creator of a portfolio of Wordpress plugins which have been downloaded almost a million times collectively making him $12k p/m. Patrick went full time indie in 2020 and since then has both grown quickly and scaled back operations to build the best sort of life for him. I love these types of stories of relatively unknown indie hackers who are creating the dream life for themselves.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Building Wordpress plugins on the side of a day job
  • Marketing for Wordpress plugins
  • Getting 1m downloads
  • Beating a domain reseller
  • Finding SEO keywords to rank for
  • Pricing yearly vs monthly
  • Growing fast and scaling back
  • Book - Why We Sleep
  • Podcast - The Bootstrapped Founder
  • Indie Hacker - tbc
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James McKinven
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Making $12k p/m with Wordpress plugins - Patrick Posner
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