Jordan O'Connor on running a $30k MRR SaaS and doing SEO consulting on the side

Jordan O’Connor is the founder of Closet Tools, a bootstrapped app that helps people sell more stuff on Poshmark which has been in and around the $30-40k MRR mark. He’s found a lot of his growth through SEO, like many successful entrepreneurs, and now helps other founders do the same through his Rank to Sell power half hours.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:29 Jordan being awful with money
  • 04:30 Jordan's indie hacking journey
  • 06:10 Launching and failing with different products
  • 07:06 Choosing SaaS
  • 08:31 Starting closet tools
  • 11:38 Pricing for Closet Tools
  • 12:35 Reverse stair stepping with Rank to Sell (consulting)
  • 16:08 Reccos
  • Book - Deep Work
  • Podcast - Deep Questions by Cal Newport
  • Indie Hacker - Pat Walls
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James McKinven
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Jordan O'Connor
Jordan O'Connor
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Jordan O'Connor on running a $30k MRR SaaS and doing SEO consulting on the side
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