Is indie hacking having an identity crisis? - Dominic Monn, MentorCruise

In this episode I’m bringing back a previous guest, Dom Monn, who is the founder of MentorCruise, which he’s now working full time on with a small team. I brought Dom back on to discuss something that has been on my mind, and has come up in twitter conversations recently which Dom has been involved in.

Is indie hacking having an identity crisis? Is the indie label and mentality limiting success and holding many founders back? I think it could be and so we discuss why this might be happening and what we can do about it.
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:56 Indie hacker identity crisis
  • 03:42 How indie hacking has changed
  • 06:32 Why the indie label can be a limiter
  • 08:20 Accepting slow growth instead of fixing it
  • 10:33 Should we set bigger goals?
  • 12:10 We still love the indie hacker community
  • 13:50 Recommendations
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James McKinven
James McKinven
Host of the Indie Bites podcast & founder of PodPanda.
Is indie hacking having an identity crisis? - Dominic Monn, MentorCruise
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