Making over $5k/month from a portfolio of side projects - Dan Rowden, ilo

Today we're joined by Dan Rowden, who is an entrepreneur and product builder currently based in Mauritius. Dan, like many other indie hackers runs a bunch of projects alongside a full-time job, which all compound to him making over $5k a month with these projects. In this episode we talk about how Dan manages his time throughout his projects, why he hasn't gone full time yet and what he did when a $75k acquisition offer came along.

Dan, like many other indie hackers, runs a bunch of projects alongside a full-time job which all compound to him making over $5k a month. In 2012 he started Magpile, a free online resource about magazines, which was followed by Subsail, a platform to help indie publishers sell magazine subscriptions.

Earlier this year Dan started using the publishing platform Ghost, which he then started to build a suite of products around, now including:
  • Gloat; a productised service for hosting and self hosting
  • Cove; a commenting tool for Ghost blogs
  • Substation; a theme for Ghost
Dan also launched ilo, a better analytics platform for Twitter a few months ago, which has earned over $6k in revenue since launch.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Why Dan lives in Mauritius
  • Why choose multiple projects over doing just one?
  • How do you manage your time with 3 kids, a wife and a full-time job?
  • Why Dan isn't too worried about 'growing' his side projects
  • The pros and cons of working on your side project with a full-time job
  • Not worrying about the money your side project earns - does it take the fun out of it?
  • Why is Dan so bullish on Ghost?
  • Why having a 'suite' of products is complimentary to each other
  • Getting a 75k acquisition offer
  • Being prepared to sell your projects
  • Building an alternative to Twitter analytics
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Making over $5k/month from a portfolio of side projects - Dan Rowden, ilo
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