Lemon Squeezy CTO on why he still makes side projects - Gilbert Pellegrom

Gilbert Pellegrom, is co-founder and CTO of Lemon Squeezy, a platform for selling software and digital products online. Previously Gilbert created the Nivo Slider all in 2010, which grew to millions of users before selling it. He then went on to work with Orman Clark at ThemeZilla and Dunked, who heโ€™s teamed up with again to build Lemon Squeezy. Whatโ€™s interesting about Gilbert is that despite being the CTO of a rapidly scaling startup, heโ€™s still making and shipping side projects, which weโ€™ll talk about more on this episode.

If you want to hear more about Lemon Squeezy, I actually co-host their podcast called Make Lemonade, where I speak with their CEO JR Farr about the behind the scenes of building a bootstrapped company making millions.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:57 Working with Orman Clark at Themezilla and Dunked
  • 06:11 Delicious Brains
  • 06:40 Starting Lemon Squeezy
  • 07:52 Why Gilbert makes side projects
  • 10:36 Should you charge money for your side projects
  • 12:58 Selling side projects
  • 14:59 Recommendations
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James McKinven
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Lemon Squeezy CTO on why he still makes side projects - Gilbert Pellegrom
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