Bootstrapping to 13,000+ podcasts - Justin Jackson,

Justin Jackson is the co-founder of, a successful bootstrapped podcast hosting company. The journey building Transistor were documented on the Build Your SaaS podcast, which is a must listen. Justin is the founder of the MegaMaker community which he started in 2013, so if you're part of the maker sphere - you'll probably have heard of him.

In this episode we cover:
  • What is Transistor and why did they start it
  • Why work in podcast hosting? Was it not already a solved problem?
  • How did they get the first few customers?
  • What's next for Transistor?
  • What's it like having "made it" as an indie hacker?
  • What challenges does Justin run into?
  • Should you just get a job at a tech company or run your bootstrapped co?
  • Why bootstrapping is not a level playing field
  • When you should quit your job
  • Addressing mental health as an entreprenuer
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James McKinven
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Bootstrapping to 13,000+ podcasts - Justin Jackson,
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