Candle dealer builds $5k MRR software to solve own problem - Dianna Allen & Jeremy Blalock, Inventora

I chat to dynamic duo Dianna Allen and Jeremy Blalock, co-founders of Inventora (an inventory management system for handmade businesses) about what it took to scale their project to $5k MRR.
In this episode I’ve got my first ever returning guest with Dianna Allen and first ever double act as we’re joined by her fiance Jeremy Blalock. I spoke to Dianna about a year ago after growing her handmade candle business from $100 to $50k in that year. Since then Dianna is still running TERRA and doubled the revenue in 2021, but has also co-founded Inventora which has just hit $5k MRR. Inventora is inventory tracking system for handmade businesses, solving Dianna’s own problem with TERRA.

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What we covered in this episode:
  • How TERRA is going
  • Handmade business vs SaaS business. Which is better?
  • Solving her own problem with TERRA to build Inventora
  • Spreadsheet to SaaS
  • Asking Jeremy (Dianna’s partner) to build the product
  • Growing without paying for ads
  • Leveraging existing relationships
  • Choosing to raise a small funding round
  • Why raise money if you’re an indie hacker?
  • Spending $25,000 on a domain
  • Tactics for growing to $5k MRR
  • Hiring a videographer to make a documentary
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Creators and Guests

Jeremy Blalock
Jeremy Blalock
Co-founder of Inventora
Candle dealer builds $5k MRR software to solve own problem - Dianna Allen & Jeremy Blalock, Inventora
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