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Multiple successful exits to making lemonade - JR Farr, Lemon Squeezy

I speak with JR Farr, co-founder of Make Lemonade about his recipe for bootstrapped success (and how we can make MRR with our own lemonade stand).

Behind the success of - Dru Riley, Trends

I speak with framework based research extraordinaire, Dru Riley, about his route to success with

Bootstrapped founder running 3 profitable businesses - Monica Lent, Affilimate

I speak with literal octopus Monica Lent about how she juggles a SaaS, community and travel blog that all make cold hard cash.

Growing ScrapingBee to $1m ARR - Pierre De Wulf, ScrapingBee

I speak with Pierre De Wulf of ScrapingBee about making $1m a year with ScrapingBee, after pivoting a failed business.

Bootstrapping Testimonial to $13k MRR after many failed products - Damon Chen, Testimonial

I speak with Damon Chen about repeatedly failing to make any money, then hitting big when he quit his job and started Testimonial.

Building a mentorship platform to $1m GMV - Dominic Monn, MentorCruise

I speak with Dom Monn (the other "Dom"), founder of MentorCruise, about persistence and working full-time on his business.

Bootstrapping vs venture capital & lessons from a veteran - Spencer Fry, Podia

I'm joined by bootstrapping legend Spencer Fry and we talk about how beer can turn into VC funding. Other things were discussed, such as predictions for the creator ec...

Why your product needs marketing - Dagobert Renouf, Logology

I speak with Twitter meme king Dagobert Renouf about his turbulent journey to $3k monthly revenue with Logology.

Bootstrapping a portfolio of SaaS products to $3k MRR - Jim Raptis, BrandBird

I speak to Jim Raptis, a full time indie hacker, about why he quit working at his funded startup to pursue indie hacking, how he learnt how to design as an engineer, a...

Candle dealer builds $5k MRR software to solve own problem - Dianna Allen & Jeremy Blalock, Inventora

I chat to dynamic duo Dianna Allen and Jeremy Blalock, co-founders of Inventora (an inventory management system for handmade businesses) about what it took to scale th...

Gumroad founder's framework for a bootstrapped business - Sahil Lavingia, Gumroad

I speak to Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia about his new book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, and the framework behind a successful bootstrapped business.

A solo $130k MRR productized design service - Brett Williams, Designjoy

I chat with Brett Williams, founder of Designjoy, a rather meaty solo business with over $1m yearly revenue.

Growing an online card tool to $23k a month - Valentin Hinov, Thankbox

A chat with Thankbox founder, Val Hinov, who grew the tool to $23k with his one-time purchase online card tool.

Building a $15m GMV side-project at 15 years old - Che Sampat, SuperPay

I speak with Che Sampat, the 18 year old founder of SuperPay, a no-code Stripe checkout app.

Mental health as a founder and the importance of community - Tom Ross, Design Cuts

I speak with Tom Ross, founder and CEO of Design Cuts, and co-host of The Honest Designer's podcast.

Growing to $8.5k MRR in 1 year - Marie Martens,

A conversation with Marie Martens, co-founder of, a bootstrapped form builder which grew to 16k users in 1 year.

Growing to $4m+ despite Apple cloning their product - Matt Ronge, Astropad

A conversation with Matt Ronge, co-founder and CEO of Astropad.

Bootstrapping a SaaS to millions in revenue - Ben Orenstein, Tuple

A chat with Ben Orenstein, co-founder of Tuple, about how to build a successful bootstrapped SaaS.

4 years of failed projects to full-time indie hacker - Kenneth Cassel,

I speak with Kenneth Cassel, founder of about his indie hacking journey.

Nailing your marketing as a founder - Peter Suhm, Reform

I speak to Peter Suhm, co-founder of Reform, about his approach to marketing and product development.

From lifelong bootstrapper to raising calm funding - Brian Casel, ZipMessage

Brian Casel is the founder of ZipMessage, a new way to communicate asynchronously. In this episode we talk about why he started the company, why he raised capital this...

Leaving a $500k job to build a portfolio of small bets - Daniel Vassallo

In 2019 Daniel Vassallo left his $500k cushty job at Amazon to go Indie. In the 2 years since he left Daniel has started to build a portfolio of small bets, something ...

From $500k to $1m in 6 months with a podcast agency - Harry Morton, Lowerstreet

Today I'm joined by my friend Harry Morton, who runs Lower Street Media, a podcast production agency behind some of the highest-quality podcasts I listen to. Over the ...

Taking on Google with Fathom Analytics and growing a course to $150k - Jack Ellis, Fathom

Jack Ellis is the co-founder of Fathom Analytics, the simple, privacy focused alternative to Google launched in 2018. In this episode we talk about taking on the behem...

Building a portfolio of projects to $6k in one month - Pete Codes, No CS Degree

Pete Codes is my favourite kind of indie hacker. He thought "what have I got to lose, and went all in with his side-project". 2 years later, he's running a profitable ...

Growing Upvoty to $17k MRR - Mike Slaats, Upvoty

Mike Slaats is the founder of Upvoty, an instant feedback software which has recently hit $15k MRR. In this episode we're going to be discussing how he built Upvoty to...

$250 to $3k MRR in 4 months with a Notion website builder - Noah Bragg, Potion

Today we have Noah Bragg who is the founder of Potion, which allows you to turn your Notion pages into a website, wiki or blog all behind a custom domain. This is a 2 ...

Bootstrapping two $3k MRR projects, selling one for $55k - Andy Cloke, Data Fetcher

Andy Cloke is the founder of Influence Grid and Data Fetcher, 2 indie SaaS businesses that both grew to over $3k MRR, the former selling for $55k in an acquisition. I ...

Bootstrapping to over $250k MRR - Baird Hall, Churnkey

Today I'm joined by Baird Hall who has successfully launched and scaled multiple bootstrapped SaaS businesses, such as Wavve, Zubtitle and Churnkey, which at the time ...

Building in Public - Blake Emal (CMO),

Today I'm joined by Blake Emal, who is the CMO at and the founder of Float, a Notion-powered course creator. Blake is an expert at building in public, going fr...

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